New DJI Mavic Pro – Video and 3D Rendering

Just picked up a new DJI Mavic Pro! I’m learning how to use Adobe Premiere and After Effects. There’s something that is motivating about editing footage you took yourself on the same day. I’m also learning how to do photogrammetry using Agisoft PhotoScan. Unfortunately rendering is sloooow.

Yesterday I flew with Kailey and her dad Mike. He builds his own racing drones. He had to slow down, and even then, it’s hard keeping such a small drone in frame. Thankfully the footage from his cam looks amazing and saved the clip!

On Friday, Kailey and I hit the old mill building and caught some kids on the roof. Wanted to fly inside, but there were too many hanging wires and I didn’t want to hop fence to recover a downed drone.

I also started building a 3D model out of a local walking bridge. I have a sparse (56,626 points) and a dense (51,527,680 points) point cloud. I am in the process of rendering the mesh, and after that will be the texture. Unfortunately for my lack of patience, I made my dense point cloud too dense and it’s taking forever…

Sparse Point Cloud

Dense Point Cloud

You can see this bridge in the video below at the 36 second mark

Thursday was the first day I had the drone. Took some shots of the area and slapped this together. I didn’t know until halfway through these shots that I had to take the protective bubble off the camera…

New DJI Mavic Pro – Video and 3D Rendering